Flow of Authority & Responsibilities

The governance structure was reviewed and reorganised in 2019 so as to conform with dynamics in the community’s operating internal and external environments. The Full Council (FC), the supreme arm of the Endorois Community governance structure, draws its membership from the 17 administrative locations across the Community’s land.

The FC exercises it mandates during the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and/or Special General Meetings (SGMs). The FC members are elected by the people from the Sub-Locational level every 3 years. The outfit is an inclusive representation with 7 members in every administrative location – 1 female youth, 1 male youth, 1 woman, 1 man, 1 person living with disability, 1 professional and the Chief of the respective location who is an ex-officio. Below the FC is an advisory arm comprising of 3 senior elders who are not involved in the election or administrative functions of EWC.

The next arm is the EWC Board of Management followed by the Secretariat. The Board of directors, with an equally inclusive membership, are elected every 3 years as well.