About us

The community and context

We, the Endorois, are indigenous, minority and marginalized community in Kenya, we define ourselves as a distinct community by virtue of our cultural practices and ways of life. i.e. traditional marriages, circumcision ceremonies, inheritance, the building of homesteads and general naming of our children, clan totems, generational age set governance systems and linguistic dialect. We number about 60,000 people spread across Baringo County and in parts of Nakuru and Laikipia Counties. We have developed a membership code to provide See Appendix 3, the criteria and procedures for identifying who qualifies to be a member of the Endorois Community to determine who may be recognized as a member of the Endorois community.
Our connection with L. Bogoria is central to our religious and traditional practices and plays an integral role in our identity as a community. Our community’s historical prayer sites, circumcision rituals and other cultural ceremonies are performed close to and around Lake Bogoria. We believe that the spirits of all departed Endorois, no matter where they were buried, live at the Lake.
Lake Bogoria is our ancestral land, which we inhabited until 1973 when the Lake and its environs were gazetted by the Government of Kenya (GoK) as a game park. The subsequent establishment of Lake Bogoria as a National Reserve led to our eviction from our ancestral lands.


A safe, just and prosperous community in Kenya


Advocate, promote and facilitate social justice and sustainable development among the Endorois and other marginalized communities.